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2023 COPs Conference in Geneva, Switzerland

ecoSPEARS® Presents New Technology to Eliminate 'Forever Chemicals' at 2023 COPs Conference in Geneva, Switzerland

ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ecoSPEARS, a Florida-based company with a breakthrough remediation solution developed by NASA scientists for eliminating PCBs and PFAS chemicals (known as ‘forever chemicals’), presented its green, sustainable remediation technology at the global 2023 Conference of Parties (COP) in Geneva, Switzerland.

The ecoSPEARS process to eliminate toxic contaminants onsite is becoming the leading technology for many countries moving forward, which is a paradigm shift in the ability to remediate toxic sites.

PCBs and PFAS chemicals have been widely used to manufacture industrial and consumer products, and their presence has led to global contamination of soil and water.

PCB chemicals have been linked to cancer, reproductive disorders, developmental problems, and other long-term diseases. PFAS chemicals have been linked to immune system dysfunction, thyroid disease, and cancer. PFAS has been found in food, food packaging, bottled water, makeup, toilet paper, artificial turf, and dental floss, as well as other products.

The breakthrough of ecoSPEARS technology is the ability to remediate toxic water, soil, and transformer oil where it exists, without having to transport and incinerate it. Current methods demand that toxic material is shipped thousands of miles to be incinerated. This method runs the risk of toxic spills in transit.

The ecoSPEARS process is non-combustion and non-thermal, so it is safer than the current method and costs less to implement. It involves two steps: the first is extraction of the toxic chemicals from soil or water; the second is the breakdown of these ‘forever chemicals.’ There’s no need to dig up or move toxic soil or burn it.