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Port of San Diego Accepts ecoSPEARS into Blue Economy Incubator Program for Green Remediation Technology

Orlando-based cleantech venture ecoSPEARS has recently announced it is in discussion with the award-winning Port of San Diego to join the Port’s Blue Economy Incubator Program.

According to the Port’s website, the program exists, “to assist in the creation, early development, and initial scaling of new Blue Economy business ventures” to aid San Diego Bay in maintaining clean and healthy aquaculture, environment, and community. 

Port of San Diego is recipient to numerous awards for its achievements in marketing, communication, and community engagement, including four EPIC Awards from CAIPO in 2019 alone. The Port is one of the busiest industrial and commercial ports on the United States’ Pacific coast and upholds a core belief that maintaining clean and healthy water is paramount to the health and success of surrounding communities and businesses.

“We are extremely excited about our partnership with the Port of San Diego and its Blue Economy Incubator,” said ecoSPEARS CEO and President Serg Albino. “Areas like this – where traditional dredging and capping options are not as feasible – are prime candidates for our technology, and we are fortunate enough to conduct this project with some outstanding leaders in the Port of San Diego and its community.”

ecoSPEARS is discussing plans to deploy its namesake Sorbent Polymer Extraction And Remediation System (SPEARS) technology to passively remediate environmental contaminants including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) from impacted sediments in San Diego Bay, without the need for traditional dredging or landfill methods due to sensitive natural habitats and species which make their home in and around the Port. 

“Utilizing ecoSPEARS green technology for Port of San Diego is a fantastic mutual opportunity,” says ecoSPEARS Executive Vice President and co-founder Ian Doromal. “SPEARS is a truly sustainable and surgical approach specifically meant for environments where traditional cleanup methods are not as logistically feasible. Deploying SPEARS at Port of San Diego allows us to extract PCBs from the Port’s sediments without risking harm to its sensitive habitats and wildlife. We greatly look forward to seeing the impact our cleantech can have there.”

About ecoSPEARS At ecoSPEARS, we envision a world where every human being has access to clean water. ecoSPEARS is a cleantech company committed to cleaner water for a better future by providing cost-effective, green solutions to permanently extract and destroy halogenated contaminants from impacted soil, sediments, and waterways. To learn more about ecoSPEARS, please visit