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Category: Environmental

In the News: #Monsanto

Earlier this morning, “#Monsanto” has been trending across global news and social media outlets after several headlines broke that the agribusiness chemical manufacturer, infamous for the menagerie of lawsuits and
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A Toxic Storm Brewing in the Tropics

On August 30th, Hurricane Dorian is expected to reach Category 4 status as it approaches Florida's Atlantic coast on Labor Day, with a potential landfall south of Kennedy Space Center.
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WTFAQ is “Green Remediation?”

ecoSPEARS delves into the concept of 'green remediation' and its role in addressing global PCB contamination. Highlighting the significance of environmentally friendly approaches, the blog discusses international initiatives like the
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The Hudson River: A Superfund in Stasis

The Hudson River's persistent PCB contamination is a long-standing concern. ecoSPEARS' breakthrough technology provides an affordable, non-invasive solution to remove and permanently eliminate PCBs from the river, addressing environmental and
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