Clean Soil

Our Additive Desorption System (ADS) is a mobile ex-situ remediation system for PCB, Dioxin, DDT and other chlorinated contaminated soil and dried sediments. ADS is a truly sustainable and cost-effective green remediation system for soil or dried sediments using less water, energy, and emissions than traditional cleanup methods.

ADS operates by loading the contaminated soil or dried sediments onto a conveyor belt which then loads the material into the hopper. Once the ADS unit is filled, we then saturate the soil with solvent and initiate the mechanism.

As the soil is agitated within ADS, the chlorinated toxins attached to the soil desorb into the solvent. After rolling the soil with our solvent, we then pump the PCB contaminated solvent into a containment tank and unload the clean soil for drying.

Once the remedial site goals are met, the soil can then be deemed “clean” and placed back into its native environment. The contaminated solvent used in the ADS is then put through our Reductive Integrated Dehalogenation System (RIDS), destroying the PCBs and your liability – Forever.