Clean Sediments

Our SPEARS (Sorbent Polymer Extraction and Remediation System) technology is a transformative in-situ green cleanup system for PCB, Dioxins, and other hydrophobic contaminated sediments. SPEARS is a truly sustainable approach using less water, energy, and emissions than traditional cleanup methods.

SPEARS is a plastic mat technology that is each filled with our solvent and then inserted into a scalable geosynthetic mat liner. The mat liners are then deployed down into the contaminated sediment where they act like a “sponge”, passively absorbing PCB’s from the sediment around it.

How, do you ask? The beauty of the solution lies within NASA’s environmental science. Because PCBs and Dioxins are hydrophobic, the plastic of the SPEARS and interior solvent gives theses toxins a preferred habitat. The SPEARS attract the PCBs from the sediment to the porewater, then onto the plastic membrane of the SPEARS, then into the interior solvent where they become trapped.

Once the remedial site goals are met, the SPEARS and mats are safely removed and retrieved, where they enter our Reductive Integrated Dehalogenation System (RIDS), destroying the PCBs and your liability – Forever.

To learn more about our SPEARS technology, please schedule a webinar by clicking the link below.