Clean Groundwater

Our Solvent Exchange Extraction System (SEES) is an ex-situ green remediation system for extracting PCB, dioxin, DDT and other chlorinated toxins from groundwater. Schematically similar to older “pump & treat” groundwater remediation technologies, SEES operates by pumping contaminated groundwater into a holding tank above ground.
The groundwater is then transferred into our SEES tank where PCBs, Dioxins, and other chlorinated toxins trapped in the groundwater enter our process allowing the chlorinated toxins to be extracted from the groundwater. Once deemed clean, the groundwater can be pumped back into its native environment while the contaminated solvent enters our Reductive Integrated Destruction System (RIDS), destroying the PCB, dioxin, DDT, and other chlorinated toxins from groundwater and your liability – Forever.

To learn more about our SEES technology, please schedule a webinar by clicking the link below.